Apa itu alexa ??? (via Selamat datang di blog yang berisi tentang WordPress.com)

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Apa itu alexa ??? Alexa adalah ….. ada yang tau??? Sedikit info bahwa alexa adalah sebuah web yaitu alexa.com yang memberikan rating(page view/trafic) pada suatu blog berdasarkan pengunjung yang mana pada browser pengunjung harus terinstal alexa. Alexa merating dengan memberikan ranking menggunakan angka. Seperti alexa saya yang rankingnya masih besar seperti gambar disamping. Pemberian angka bukan seperti pagerank yang apabila nilainya semakin besar maka semaki … Read More

via Selamat datang di blog yang berisi tentang WordPress.com


About meicaa

Meicaa is her nick. She likes writing what she thinks. She loves to read anything; comics, novels, and your posts. She is born in 1992. She is an Indonesian who loves her country so much. She loves the flag of her country; red-white flag. Indonesia is mostly amazing to her. Not only this country, but also France, Japan and Korea. So that, she has learned about french many years ago, but now she's trying to re-learn it. She loves to watch movies. As written above about those countries she likes, she also loves french movies, doramas, Korean dramas, and many more.

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