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It’s not

No matter how free my lungs are breathing, actually it’s not my lungs. No matter how fast this heart’s beating, actually it’s not my heart. Sometimes I felt beautiful when I was smiling to you, but actually, it’s not me. No matter how deep this love to you, actually it’s not my love. It’s my dream.


firs time!!

Hallo hallo!!
😀 im so happy today because,i can write here by mobile! i just knew that i can write it.
okay,thank u for someone who told me about it. USEFUL! am so happy and,,its my first time, and… hahaha i dnt know else,just thank u very much, D. 🙂 God bless ya. 🙂

so sorry

i am so sorry to all of you coz no update on my blog. Uhm.. i am lil bit busy till next month, coz of working and i have to face an exam to enter the university. Other case is i have no balance in my modem 🙂 still poor these days 😀 so, i am so sorry, i cannot write anything. but i keep writing into my note book. I will post all here later. After work, exam and when i have balance.

I miss ur comments. really i miss to write all of my thoughts here 😦 I will be back as soon as possible 🙂 Love y’all 🙂

What a Bad Style

Exam’s coming… 😦 Sorry i wasn’t active in here 😦 I was stress because of it 😦 Lied!! I was working. Hehehe. Last week, I went to a beauty salon. I was gonna cut it a lil. Not much, and i don’t want to change the style. Ok, I was going by foot, and finally I arrived.

I talked to the receptionist and said, “only cut and wash. No, don’t blow it. Thank you.” I have to wait three men and I was sitting and waiting. It was 30 minutes. After all, I didn’t bore at all when I was waiting. It was fun to watch people there. So many things that’s interesting that time.

After washed the hair, I sat down on a chair, in front of a big mirror. Then, a woman came to me and asked, “what do you want, girl?”

“Just make it clean and nice. Don’t make it short and don’t cut the hair in a bang.” I trusted on her that she won’t cut it and won’t make it short. That’s why I was reading a novel and fell a sleep while she was cutting my hair. Suddenly I woke up. Taraaaammm…. I heard scissor sound. CKRISSS I opened my eyes, and i saw myself at the mirror.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost screamed out loud.  But I know I was in beauty salon. So many people there, and you can imagine, what if I was screaming like that in front of all the people???? I will not do it. I cannot scream. I couldn’t!!

“Why did you cut it?” I almost cry. Maybe she realized that she was wrong and she cut it too short, and the worst, SHE CUT THE HAIR IN A BANG!!!!!!!!!

“Oh, I think you looked beauty, more cute than before with this new style. You looked very nice and fresh. Don’t worry, just look at the mirror, and smile. See, you are cute.” I know she was trying to cover her mistakes! I could not say anything. Just said “aha, yeah. Thank you.” Then I paid and went home.

I entered my room. Looked at the mirror and …. I was cryiiiiiiiinnggg :(( AAAAAAAHHH my hair… my curly hair… :(( It’s worst!! And now, in front of my laptop, I took a pic, and still crying.. 😦 Wait, I ain’t really crying. I was kidding. But it is worst. 😦 Look !!



Lookkkkkk!!!!! What a beauty style!!!! :(( TT___TT I tried my best to make it better than above. But it’s useless. And look again, The Before, It’s much better than the After. After is worst 😦 I hate it 😦 and I am really really so upset about it. I become afraid to look at the mirror 😦 Huhuhu… yeah, at least I will close my eyes, and I will say : ” You are fine, it’s good, don’t matter the people’s comments about your hair, don’t don’t.. and don’t be shy… don’t be shy…” TT_____TT

Because We Cannot Tell All of the Things to Others

I have so many friends, in real, cyber, close friends in real, close friends on cyber, and moreover, enemies in real and also on cyber. We often share about everything; our friends, our days, our pasts, our stories about family and many more. Yes, we share it.

Long long ago.. (haha) I had a problem with my mom. She got a report from someone, I don’t know who told her about it.  Briefly, she got angry to me because, that person who had told-just call her Mrs. X- that I have shared to her daughter about MY FAMILY’S PROBLEM. I shocked. Mom was very very angry. First, I have shared my privacy to others. second, that wasn’t just MY OWN PRIVACY, but ALSO FAMILY ‘s OWN. Huff.. confused huh? Me too. Mom was angry. Big angry.

Ok, you must be confused. I know I explained it (above) very bad. Umm.. Ok, I’m gonna try to tell ya the problem. I have shared to my friend. I’ve shared about a problem of my family. I was telling it, blah blah blah, la la la… finished. I didn’t tell her : don’t tell anyone, includes your parent, your bestfriend, your boyfriend. No one. Don’t. Yes, that was my fault. I DIDN’T WARN HER. That was my STUPIDITY. Then, many days went like nothing wrong happened. No problems at school ( I was still in high school), no problem with friends. Nothing wrong. But, one day, mom called me. I came. I sat in front of her. I had no bad feeling. Then mom said blah blah blah, with her eyes that became more big as usual, she spoke very loud. That time, i realized DON’T EVER TELL ABOUT YOUR FAMILY’S PROBLEM. Never.

I was so sad, i felt i was stupid. Very stupid. How could I told her (my friend) about my privacy? Why did she tell it and share what i said to her mom? That was my secret! Yes, I didn’t tell her “don’t tell anyone includes your mom”, but I think, we can’t tell everything to our families. And if I don’t warn, it doesn’t mean you can tell others all or just a part of that problem.

Once again, you cannot tell everything to others,  included your parent. (It will be different case if you got a problem, like a guy touched your (sorry) breast, or other harassments. In this case, you have to tell your mom, or sister, or best friend. It will be different case).