Because We Cannot Tell All of the Things to Others

I have so many friends, in real, cyber, close friends in real, close friends on cyber, and moreover, enemies in real and also on cyber. We often share about everything; our friends, our days, our pasts, our stories about family and many more. Yes, we share it.

Long long ago.. (haha) I had a problem with my mom. She got a report from someone, I don’t know who told her about it.  Briefly, she got angry to me because, that person who had told-just call her Mrs. X- that I have shared to her daughter about MY FAMILY’S PROBLEM. I shocked. Mom was very very angry. First, I have shared my privacy to others. second, that wasn’t just MY OWN PRIVACY, but ALSO FAMILY ‘s OWN. Huff.. confused huh? Me too. Mom was angry. Big angry.

Ok, you must be confused. I know I explained it (above) very bad. Umm.. Ok, I’m gonna try to tell ya the problem. I have shared to my friend. I’ve shared about a problem of my family. I was telling it, blah blah blah, la la la… finished. I didn’t tell her : don’t tell anyone, includes your parent, your bestfriend, your boyfriend. No one. Don’t. Yes, that was my fault. I DIDN’T WARN HER. That was my STUPIDITY. Then, many days went like nothing wrong happened. No problems at school ( I was still in high school), no problem with friends. Nothing wrong. But, one day, mom called me. I came. I sat in front of her. I had no bad feeling. Then mom said blah blah blah, with her eyes that became more big as usual, she spoke very loud. That time, i realized DON’T EVER TELL ABOUT YOUR FAMILY’S PROBLEM. Never.

I was so sad, i felt i was stupid. Very stupid. How could I told her (my friend) about my privacy? Why did she tell it and share what i said to her mom? That was my secret! Yes, I didn’t tell her “don’t tell anyone includes your mom”, but I think, we can’t tell everything to our families. And if I don’t warn, it doesn’t mean you can tell others all or just a part of that problem.

Once again, you cannot tell everything to others,  included your parent. (It will be different case if you got a problem, like a guy touched your (sorry) breast, or other harassments. In this case, you have to tell your mom, or sister, or best friend. It will be different case).


About meicaa

Meicaa is her nick. She likes writing what she thinks. She loves to read anything; comics, novels, and your posts. She is born in 1992. She is an Indonesian who loves her country so much. She loves the flag of her country; red-white flag. Indonesia is mostly amazing to her. Not only this country, but also France, Japan and Korea. So that, she has learned about french many years ago, but now she's trying to re-learn it. She loves to watch movies. As written above about those countries she likes, she also loves french movies, doramas, Korean dramas, and many more.

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