And i am crying

I haven’t been cried since long long time ago. No matter what was the problems, i weren’t crying. And i didn’t want. I hate to cry coz i can’t take a breath, can’t speak well, can’t see what are them in front of me. Cry makes me blind, can’t hear anything… finally, unable to speak. Dumb.

But now i am crying. Yeah, as i told, i can’t speak. I can’t take a breath. I can’t speak, and hard to watch my phone. I am lost.

It is not about boyfriend or friends. It is not about such problems. It is Mom.

I did a mistake which made so many little mistakes. She got angry. We were fighting. She screamed so loudly, and i answered her like a crazy. Told her what was in my mind. Cried out. Nothing has made me cry before. But she did. She does. I cry coz of her many times. Coz angry, coz sad, coz happy. And i am crying, coz i feel something to her. And i love her.


About meicaa

Meicaa is her nick. She likes writing what she thinks. She loves to read anything; comics, novels, and your posts. She is born in 1992. She is an Indonesian who loves her country so much. She loves the flag of her country; red-white flag. Indonesia is mostly amazing to her. Not only this country, but also France, Japan and Korea. So that, she has learned about french many years ago, but now she's trying to re-learn it. She loves to watch movies. As written above about those countries she likes, she also loves french movies, doramas, Korean dramas, and many more.

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  1. sometime when we got angry to someone we love, we didnt realize what we said to them…and then, when the situation calm we regret what we said to them :(….

  2. immediately apologized to your mother, never hurt ur Mom again, .. because he is ur angel in this world.. 🙂

  3. Nur, yes… after the situation has calmed down, i realized that i was wrong. i did it.

  4. E. setiawan, yes…i did. mom forgave. 🙂 thank u mas… u gave a useful comment 😉 i wll visit ur blog soon. 😉 read and comment it!

  5. just talk and apologize to your mother, i think she will understand why you answered her like a crazy person. And you must understand your mother’s situation… i believe that your mother still love you although she got angry to you ^^

    and it’s ok if you were crying. like you, i don’t like to cry, because i think it cannot finish any problems. But it turns out to be useful, because it makes my feel better ^^

    • i did.
      u know, sometimes, cry is the only my best friend when the lonely comes. cry makes me think twice, clear my mind, and it besides me, hugs me by the tears. it`s amazing!! sometimes i hate to cry, but i need it.

      thank u na for visiting my site. Is everything fine there??

      • that’s right….and crying makes me feel so sleepy *laugh*… everything is fine in here, i’m just waiting for our secret plan….hahaha, we are crazy people, aren’t we?

  6. Absolutely yes, we are! 😀 oh c’mon, just make it happen..
    she just finished her test. give her some times to take a rest,then ask her about it ; our crazy plan 😉

    btw, ask her soon, otherwise the plan won’t be carried out. we have a new adventure. work 😀 lol

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