Failed Again

Failed. i am failed to build a good relation. it was between me and someone. thought he is kind and honest to me. thought he was serious. but i was wrong.

just be careful, friend. it’s life. you have to (real) alive. you wasted your time. you wasted your time.

why so? why men played me? i cant answer. i have no words to explain. just hurt…

really it’s like i want to go away, far far aways from many things. facebook. yahoo msg. wanna change mobile number. and go,go away. but i am alive. have to face it and i know i am strong enough to stay here.

wish him has a great days and never play in life. 🙂 time to say goodbye.


About meicaa

Meicaa is her nick. She likes writing what she thinks. She loves to read anything; comics, novels, and your posts. She is born in 1992. She is an Indonesian who loves her country so much. She loves the flag of her country; red-white flag. Indonesia is mostly amazing to her. Not only this country, but also France, Japan and Korea. So that, she has learned about french many years ago, but now she's trying to re-learn it. She loves to watch movies. As written above about those countries she likes, she also loves french movies, doramas, Korean dramas, and many more.

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  1. Thank u for clicking “like” button 🙂 nice to see you here.

  2. i cant leave u jan……can i get you back ??????

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