How to Find Me

I am not an important person here. I am nothing so why should you find me? 😉 But anyway, if you need my help (I don’t know what can I do to help you–but I can suggest you any ideas for writing or just need me to hear your story, maybe I can) you can call me, mail me, or find me in many ways. Here you can find me ..

  1. Facebook : I have an account there and I use it for connecting with my family, friends, cyber friends and even people in the world. So, if you wanna add me (menas, you wanna know me more) you can add me here 🙂 Better you message me first… 😉
  2. Twitter : I have account there too, but I tweet rarely (when I have a good mood tweeting and re-tweeting)
  3. Skyrock : ah yeah, I have a blog there and also connecting with many French friends. Here I am
  4. Email : Message me through my facebook, I will give you my email. 🙂
  5. Wanna chat me? Fine! I am available on many accounts (even if not 24h online); , , meeiicaa1 (skype)





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