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Six Dreams

I think we have many dreams. At least only one big dream, and I have too. Let’s see one by one.

1. I wanna be a rich girl. Yeah.. Maybe it is so crazy. But, I think, I have to be a rich girl. Why? It doesn’t mean money is everything. I didn’t say that. But, have u ever heard some one said I am happy even I don’t have money. Even I am poor and my husband and I have a wonderful love. I don’t need anything else? Of course you’ve heard about it. I don’t agree with that thought. Yes, money is not everything. But we need it. We live in a real life. Once more, i say, we need it. Okay, love is important but money also important. How can u make a happy family if you had not any money? How? After marriage, maybe you will have a child or maybe children. Then, the question is, how is their school, their food, their clothes, and so many needs more. That’s why I wanna be a rich girl. That’s all for my children’s future, and of course, I owed so many things to my Mom and Dad. One day, I will return to them and make them happy. I promise.

2. I wanna study at France. Especially at Paris-Sorbone University. I have learned Français. But I stopped it before my exam when I was 6th grade. I regret of it. I shouldn’t stop my study 😦 Now, I have to learn it from zero (unfortunately, it’s not about “from zero to hero”). Anyway, nothing too late. I am starting to study well 🙂 Do not worry 😉 I am doing from ZERO TO HERO 😀

3. I want to give half of my payment to my family ( Mom, Dad, sis and bro). But I still need money for my own future. Umm when will it happen?

4.  I want to live with my lovely-perfect husband. I didn’t say that I want a perfect man for me. No. No body’s perfect 🙂 You know it. And I am not a perfect match too 😀 I am small, crazy, lazy seem busy (in fact, I make myself so busy coz there is something disturbed me), and I am not pretty. That’s why I know, I will not get a perfect man. But I am sure, a good man, will be a perfect man when he loves all of things on me. Of course he must has one or  more good job/s. No, I am not a money-hungry girl 🙂 But it’s a fact 😀 Just admit it. Btw, not only has a good job, but also a faithful lover. I am tired of so many fake lovers. I have a traumatic. I don’t want get it anymore. I don’t want.

5. I wanna make a peaceful house for my parent, after I already get married. The most important is my parent. If I had more money and chance, I will give something useful for my sister and brother. They are my treasures, (plus my future husband and children).

6. I want to make people alive. Means, I can give them a chance for working, or whatever, where they can make their family have a good life, peaceful, and there is no “poor people” anymore. Means, I wanna support some poor people.

First, i have to study hard, then study to Paris, then I will be a rich girl :p then make all good things happen 😀