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Grandma : Tonight I am Missing You


Here I just stuck on this laptop. I am writing anything on my mind. As you know, tomorrow is Eid–well, Eid Mubarak (again), Grandma.

I don’t wanna ask you like before; how are you today? what were you doing there? Are you feeling cold? Not those questions anymore. I don’t wanna ask you so, not because I don’t care of you anymore. No.. But I am so afraid, damn worry if I got a bad news of you. So, let me think that you are always fine there. It’s enough to me.

Grandma, I think I know something about you there as you came to me las night in my dream. You seemed so sad and worry? What was the problem, Grandma? Why didn’t you say to me? Why so? And even after I asked you, You were fading away like the mist. And you gone. I called you many times, but you’ve gone and didn’t come back to me. You don’t know how did I get confused. You were so confusing!

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Eid Mubarak, Fellas!!

Tomorrow is Eid. I don’t need any new clothes, cakes, and many things usually exist in “Lebaran”.

I always lazy hangout to buy something new for Lebaran. You know it well, H-5, and even H-10, people busy buying clothes and other  things for Lebaran. That’s why malls and marts are filled by people. Once I’ve gone there, and I couldn’t walk freely. Couldn’t breath and couldn’t think clearly what would I bought for Eid. If you have a plan for going out and shopping for Eid, just go back to your home and sit down in front of TV or get some newspaper or any else that will make you MUCH better than suffering in the malls and marts.

Join this queue?? waiting in that line for long long time??? NO THANKS! 😀

Today Mom’s going to a mart, near from our house. Of course I don’t wanna join her. I prefer to wash the clothes, pans or dishig and mopping all of the rooms in my house. Yeah, it’s better even if I feel little bit lazy to do it (well, Mom, I’ll do it after I post this one. Promise!).

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