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New Plan : New Blog

I have a plan. I want to make a new blog-I think I will make it on blogger, in Bahasa. I love to write in English. I am learning to write it on. But sometimes, I need to write my thoughts in Bahasa.

“Why so?”

Ehm… if you ask, i have not any words to answer. Just, I need to write it and I wanna do. Nothing reasons! Maybe because I have many opinions about the things I’ve seen and heard before. I can’t write in English. Like poem and prose. I can’t, can I?

… and what’s more, not much people read this blog. Right?

So, I will not leave this blog. I thought you, I love this blog. I tried hard to write these all in English.

See ya on my new blog. If you want to read it, of course. 🙂