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Just Because I did It, It doesn’t mean I Like It but I Need It

I was reading a novel, Norwegian Wood, written by Haruki Murakami. Globality, this novel is telling about a man–named Toru Watanabe , that recalled suddenly a woman named Naoko, his first love. It also tells about free sex in his past life. It’s awesome story.

I don’t want to tell about it all. While I was reading it, I fell into this story, like I saw all what he did, and felt what he felt. I saw when he felt down and hurt because Naoko left him and didn’t reply his letters. I could feel what he felt when he was making love in a hotel. In the middle story he tells about many classic novels, and it likes he tells to me in real.

From this story, I got some points in life that we have to learn all things in this world. We need to touch and do in real what we learn. For example, I think it’s ok for doing some bad things, because after do it, I know it’s bad and don’t do it again next time.

You know, you are a human. I am also a human, I need many things even it’s bad as people said. Because I am a human I want to do sex–even I don’t want to do it in real now, I will do later after get married. Because I am a human, I want to do all things and learn it! It’s not about hobby or what, just I need it, we need it. Read some adult stories or try adult chat. I don’t mean this thought is right for you. But I think, as a human, we don’t need to be perfect and be a very very good person. We have to know this world and what we need. It’s true we need love, so I learned something about relationship, and will always learn it. It’s true we need biological needs inmates, that’s why I tried many things about sex. It doesn’t mean I made love with someone, I just watch or read porn. Lol

I just want to say, we are alive and need it. Like Watanabe said, it’s not really nice to do it, but I am straight, I need it.


Should We Break Up Because of It?

You know, it’s about “if I were..”, it means about the conditional. Not really me that I’ve done or faced about it. It’s just “what if..”.

Have you ever chatting on cyber ? There are so many applications and website where we can join them and meet so many people in the world. Those applications give us a chance to share photos, videos, gifts, and many more. This is an ease to connect our family or our friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. And, umm sometimes, some people chat about their own privacy.

I did not tell that talk about our privacy on cyber is forbidden and an offence, but i just wanna ask you, is share about sexual not a crime? How about (I am sorry) share our bodies, chat sex, and many more? I do not know how is it happening among teenagers and also adults in the world. I think we cannot share about it on cyber. What if a hacker see that and make it a public exhibition? If I were them, i will not come out from my room and keep in the blanket all days, until people forgot about what i have done on cyber with my bf (example). Lol

But maybe my thought isn’t right for some people. Because i found an article about it. The article says share our private picture or video = legal. Because it is ours. Not for sale and public. Like in India, viewing porn is not a crime. Read the article here. What do you think about Justice Tahilramani’s said?

I’ve asked many people on cyber, some said it’s not the offence. Because “we do not share it to others and it just ours”. Who? His gf and him. Some people said that’s the offence because we aren’t wife and husband yet. Showing body is only to real husband or real wife. That’s why share private pictures and videos = forbidden.

Many couples face this problem. It means, (example) the boy wants to showing private picture each other and doing CS ( I hope you know what is CS), but the girl wants to stop it because she thinks it is wrong. We do not ned to do this with our boyfriends or girlfriends. It is so hard. In the relationship, i think we have to obey God rules, caring each other, sharing each other (means not about pictures and many more things, it is about thought), love each other and protect each other. That means, we do not need to share our privacy area before get married. Am i right or wrong? i think i am right 😀 Then, what is the way out of this little problem? Should we break up?

Myself, i think showing our body on cyber is not right. I believe, God will not allow me to do this. Because i have not husband yet. I can show my privacy only to my real husband, not to my boyfriend. I do not know what is on your mind about it. This is my opinion, without any conclusive about my statement. I am still searching it. I hope i can give y’all the conclusive and someday i will prove that showing our bodies and chat sex is not legal and forbidden.